Temporary closure of store


To my Customers,

It has been a while since my last post. You would have noticed the closure of the store for maintenance, this was necessary for two reasons. (1) The withdrawal of my Payment Processor and (2) Migration


Let me assure you, this closure is temporary. I have encountered a challenge with my payment processors; you see, a restriction is place on my country since they have not met the requirements of the World Financial Board. As such, my payment processor withdrew their services from my site. I have really tried to see if this can work from my end of the world but it’s not possible at this time.


Migration will help me to do business on a more competitive and level playing field, though it may never be fully level with giants like Amazon whose aim is to monopolies the internet business. This move will also help to improve and bring my site to the necessary standard and trust worthiness as an online business.


To my customers who began to enjoy the services provided by my web sites seekadeals.com and iphoneaxess.com, I am sorry for any inconvenience these actions may have caused you.

Secure Card Payments Integrated


Dear Customers,

You can now buy safely and securely using any Debit / Credit cards at http://www.seekadeals.com and http://www.iPhoneaxess.com  websites. PayPal payments are not allowed as yet but I’m working on it. As a startup store you will find the prices a little more compared with most popular sites . The culprit, fees incurred through third party processing. You will also notice a limited amount of products, to be exact ten items. This will change overtime, with your support. Work is ongoing, while still having many hurdles to jump, but I assure you, Mount Everest here I come.

So having said that, I look forward to having you pay me a visit online at your convience, I would welcome your patronage.  You can pledge your support at either stores; Awesome Deals or I-Axess Store. You can find moderately fashioned accessories for Smartphones like; Apple, Samsung and more. Products will change from time to time based on availability of supplier. Enjoy your shopping until we meet again.


seekadeals.com the alternative


Due to the problem, with PayPal not being able to send funds to my country, customers will not be able to make purchases through PayPal at my iPhoneaxess.com store as most would have recognised all ready. As such, I have made alternative arrangements by, placing the same items for sale at http://www.iphoneaxess.com on my other site http://www.seekadeals.com where I have established a merchant in order for customers to use their credit/debit cards in a safe and secure environment. At the moment shipping will only be done in the USA and Canada at a fixed rate of nine USD. I am are sorry for any inconvience this may have caused. I am continually working to better my service at my stores on a daily bases. Stay tune for further updates.

My first Blog post


Screenshot 2015-03-16 22.28.46


This is my Newly launched iPhone and iPad Accessories store and is available to all PayPal standard users, Works are being done on a continual basis and will reach its pinnacle in the near future. So check it out and leave your comments, there is always room for improvement. Some of the items on sale are Cases, Screen Protectors and many other accessories for iPhones and iPads.

Here are some images for some of the items. Hope you can find something suited for your series 4,5 & 6 iPhones. Hit us up at http://www.iphoneaxess.com  Happy Shopping.

Screenshot 2015-03-14 22.49.28 Screenshot 2015-03-14 22.46.56 Screenshot 2015-03-14 22.44.56 Screenshot 2015-03-14 22.51.52