Temporary closure of store

To my Customers,

It has been a while since my last post. You would have noticed the closure of the store for maintenance, this was necessary for two reasons. (1) The withdrawal of my Payment Processor and (2) Migration


Let me assure you, this closure is temporary. I have encountered a challenge with my payment processors; you see, a restriction is place on my country since they have not met the requirements of the World Financial Board. As such, my payment processor withdrew their services from my site. I have really tried to see if this can work from my end of the world but it’s not possible at this time.


Migration will help me to do business on a more competitive and level playing field, though it may never be fully level with giants like Amazon whose aim is to monopolies the internet business. This move will also help to improve and bring my site to the necessary standard and trust worthiness as an online business.


To my customers who began to enjoy the services provided by my web sites seekadeals.com and iphoneaxess.com, I am sorry for any inconvenience these actions may have caused you.