About us

Challenges challenges, I just seem to have a knock for challenges in my life. From an early age I wasn’t bless with things like many other fortunate children in my school, so I had to learn quickly how to adopt and adapt customs and practices in my new school environments. This has transcended throughout my life, always looking for new challenges after one gets boring.

I began my work life at a Bauxite Company, stayed with them for eight years, after which I moved on to upgrade myself at the University, in my home country Guyana. After completing my studies it was very difficult to find a well paying job in my field of studies. Nevertheless, I started my own business, where my time, knowledge and skills would be put to better use.

This was my introduction to the world of business, at which point it became clear to me how serious this line of work was and the amount of sacrifice needed to become successful in the end, which I did. I managed to enjoy all that it had to offer at the time. I was able to repay my loan, pay employees and still live a comfortable life. Then came the depression and everything began to change slowly.

Experience gained as a businessman was, that nothing lasts forever. As such, you always have to be coming up with new ways of making ends meet, that’s how the idea of making money while I sleep came to light. The question was how can I make this happen? Ah! why not give the internet a try? I told myself, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and others do it all the time. So I did my online research, came across a lot of get rich quick scams but finally came across some real classes and I started my new journey.

So here I am today launching my first online store and my first Blog, in an attempt to reach out to the world and the world to reach back to me, in the sharing and transferring of information back and forth.